The Great Mother Available to Us All

Vigil Candle. bokeh, CCOWe sat vigil with my mom for three days, my aunt and I, 24 years ago. It was an honor to be present through her dying process, to accompany her soul a little way out, but I didn’t want to come back. About 9 months later, my healer, Greg, said to me, “You went home with her; of course you didn’t want to come back. But you’ll be there again; be here, now, where you are. You will go home again; we all do.”


It feels as though all my life, I’ve been waiting to go home. It took me until my mid-twenties before I was actually grounded, here on the planet, although nature always seemed like home, even when I was young. But I lived in symbols and metaphor, dreams and stories. I still do. And when I ache for my mom, I can find that comfort in nature, and in the Great Mother.

Expand Your Vision. photo by Lucy RhomeThe Great Mother is the primordial pattern of nurturance, nourishment, and embracing. It is a set of energies we all share as humans, a profound holding that we all yearn for, and that no mere human can actually provide. But it is available, if we open ourselves up to the possibility.


The Great Mother is there for us as Earth Mother, keeping us safe and steady with gravity, keeping the air in the atmosphere to give us breath, providing bounty that we may eat, and find pleasure in nourishment. She is there in the oceans and rivers, the lakes and the rain, sustaining life and emotion, buoying us up in warm waves of support, showing us our emotional depth in her currents and tides.


Inner Reflection. Photo by Willow SkripchenkoThe Great Mother is there in the night sky, embracing us in dark wonder and mystery, showing us a gentle reflection of power in the light in the moon, the inspiration of the constellations of stars, where we can reach beyond ourselves, and create.

She is there in our dreams, in the formation of messages from our Self, our Soul veiled in mystery, but accessible to those who will do the work.

She is there for us in beauty, in museums, in gardens, in a child’s laughter, in the flip of a cat’s tail, in the many hues of tree-green, of a sunset, of a sweet act between friends.


The Great Mother is always available. Open your heart to your grief, to your joy, to an appreciation of our mere existence, of our experiencing silliness, and despair, laughter and tears. Treat each other kindly, and do not stand for injustice. Find comfort in the strength and power and endless compassion that resides in the Great Mother within yourself, within our humanity, and within our world. She is our home.

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“It came to Me in a Dream…”

Have you ever gone to sleep with a thorny problem unsolved, only to wake up with a solution? Or to one morning wake up with a new song, poem or painting just waiting to be realized?

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Library of Congress printIf so, you’re not alone! The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde came to Robert Louis Stevenson in a dream, as did Misery to Stephen King. Paul McCartney woke up one morning with the tune for Yesterday

Scientific discoveries have been made within dreams. Kekule discovered the Ouroborus, 1478 drawing. Wikicommonsstructure of the carbon ring by dreaming of an Ouroborus–a snake biting its own tail. The structure of DNA came through in a dream. Otto Loewi had a dream of the flow of chemicals between nerve cells, leading to the discovery of neurotransmitters.

Madam C. J. Walker Preparations. Library of Congress printMadame C.J. Walker received the ingredients & instructions for mixing a hair remedy that led to the incredible success of her cosmetics manufacturing company. Elias Howe dreamt of the design for needles for the sewing machine.

Other exciting designs, inventions & art work have come through dreams, too.

Your most personally fulfilling discoveries may come through your own dreams, & through working with them.

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VI The Lovers: Inner Marriage

The Lovers. VI. Visconti-Sforza tarotWe all search for Union with something larger than ourselves. Some of us find this in the romantic other, some in a muse of art. Some find this ecstatic embrace in Nature, some in the relationship with a god or goddess. It can also be found in service, in spiritual practice, or in devotion.

Wherever you find your heart & passion taking you beyond your small sense of self, to being part of something that is great, & good, may you journey a little further on that path today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spiral Into Yourself!

The Universe is your Inspiration. Your Dreams are your Guide.

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Lenticular Galaxy galaxy NGC 524. NASA ESA

If you treated me as we treat teens, I’d be O.D.D., too!

Anger Taking Form NAOO photoA colleague on a forum recently asked about the best techniques for working with a teenager diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. This was my reply:

“Virtually all of the teens I’ve met who have been diagnosed with O.D.D. are only oppositional in certain situations. When they are treated with the same respect afforded adults, treated fairly, have reasonable boundaries set & upheld without judgment, are involved in co-creating future consequences, & do not feel as though they are in double binds, they are not oppositional. You do have to take time to work to develop trust so they can actually believe that you are an adult who will treat them with respect, of course…. I’ve also found that praising the talents they’ve developed (including pushing adults’ buttons) & processing how those skills have served (& hindered) them is pretty helpful. I’ve been working with teenagers in this way for 35 years, & it seems to work well.”
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Internal Guidance

When you search within the darkness, your Center sends out a Searchlight to guide your way. For help accessing your Inner Beacon, contact Renee for Oakland Transpersonal Therapy & Dreamwork.

Cosmic Searchlight  from Galaxy M87. NASA Hubble


With the story of lions rescuing an Ethiopian girl making the social media rounds, thought you might be interested in seeing a beautiful representation of the magnificent beast:

Flying Fire. Photo. Wiki Public Domain. Nishi_Honganji_KaramonLions are representative of the Element of Fire: creativity, spirituality, & passion!