Image of the Month


Phoenix Rising. Carina Nebula. NASA Hubble

July’s coming up! Isn’t it time to talk with Renee about those amazing Dreams you’ve been having???

July 2014

Sierra de Velasco, Argeentina. USGS Eartg as Art

Celebrate the return of the Summer Solstice!! 

Partake of a new adventure! Get a Tarot Reading!

June 2014


Snake Mouth (aka Rose Pogonis). Dr. Thomas G. Barnes, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Blossom with the New Life around us!

Let your Inner Artist start Art therapy!

May 2014

Cecropia Moth. Don Haultman, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service



 Spread your Wings This Spring!

Try Dreamwork!!

April 2014


Mercury! NASA Mercury Messenger image via imgurvfA7gxI



March 2014

Bipolar planetary nebula PN Hb 12. NASA, ESA

The Beauty of Bipolarity

February 2014

Celestial Fireworks. Hubble

What is Beginning to Take Form in the New Year?

January 2014