Spiritual Psychology

As humans, we have bodies, can act in the physical world, & communicate non-verbally. We have feelings, & emotions, & rhythms, & connect with each other emotionally. We think, we discern, relate concepts, & communicate verbally. We are creative, inspired, & touched by spirit. We are connected to & part of much more than what we can perceive, feel, think, or imagine.


The earth is a physical body in motion, blessed by oceans, rivers, & lakes, stirred by winds connecting different parts of the planet. The sun fuels the winds, & the lifeforms so abundant on & in the earth, water, & air. The sun is part of a galaxy, part of a universe of which we have but brief bursts of information, & images of glory.


The inner & the other worlds reflect & compliment each other. As the planet needs balance to sustain life, we humans need inner balance to sustain ourselves. We need to tend to body, feelings, mind, & spirit. Some people work with their spirituality through religion or specific spiritual practices, some through art & creativity, some through relationship, in any of its myriad forms, & some through building, nourishing & protecting life.


Considering, honoring, & supporting your Spiritual Psychology is essential to Transpersonal Therapy. Contact me at 510-387-0341 to see how I can be of service to your process, healing, & growth.