TAROT CLASS: Elements & Archetypes



Learning from the MoonTarot can help you to access:

  • The Wisdom of our Collective Unconscious
  • Your Intuition
  • New Perspectives on Your Life

In this 5-class series, you will learn about:

  • The Elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire
  • Your Personality & Soul Themes
  • The Nine Constellations
  • Basic readings & Applications

Sundays from 1:30-3:00  at Renee’s Oakland office

Dates TBA.

Class size: 4-8 people.

Cost for the 5-class series: $250


Renee Beck has been working with Tarot for 50 years, & has taught Tarot classes for over 30 years. She sees Tarot as an incredible opportunity to deepen our understanding of our relationships with ourselves, our choices, each other, & the universe. Renee also offers Therapeutic Tarot Consultations, & incorporates Tarot into Transpersonal Therapy when appropriate.

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