The Shadow

Your Shadow is part of your unconscious self.  Consciousness holds your awareness of the world and your deliberate actions, your thoughts, the things that you are learning, remembering, imagining, and planning. The unconscious holds all of the things that are not conscious: the information for the test you crammed for two years ago, and then promptly forgot; the name of your first grade teacher; the sensory information that you are receiving isn’t relevant; and thoughts, emotions, and events of your past.

Your Shadow is part of your unconscious. Your Shadow holds parts of your experience that were too difficult to bear at the time, but also gifts, talents, and beauty that you needed to keep safe.

Your Shadow appears in your emotional imagery as dark and mysterious, often huge and terrifying. It can seem so frightening that you might want to close your eyes to it, or to run away. Facing your Shadow can feel like facing death.

What power the Shadow has! To appear so dangerous that you dare not even look at it – what better protection could there possibly be for your gifts, which the Shadow guards so dearly?

We are human; we all have the potential for evil and for good. We all have made mistakes, have chosen badly, and have hurt others, sometimes intentionally. We all Midnight Moon Photo by Sue Kohlerhave experienced pain, and abuse, and loss, and shame. The degree of internal impact caused by our own actions or the actions of others varies, but we all have hidden parts of our experiences in Shadow — because we needed to become stronger, or more supported, or more skilled to be able to survive.

And you did survive.

Your deeper Self kept you alive, and functioning, and ready to take your next step into healing and thriving, to face parts of your Shadow, and to discover the light hidden in the darkness.  It would be my honor to accompany you.