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Free Talk on Countertransference at CIIS in SF 9/23!

The Shadow Knows: Countertransference for Beginning Therapists with Renee Beck, MFT

When you have an emotional, energetic, or judgmental response to a client, how do you tell if it’s a natural relational response, your own unresolved issues coming up, or information about the client? (It’s often all three!) What can you do with your own material that arises in sessions? How do you decipher what your unconscious is telling you about your client? And, most importantly, how can you use all this to be of best service to your client’s process? Through examples, discussion, and short exercises, begin to explore these important questions.

A Supervisor Talk at California Institute of Integral Studies  Monday 23 September 6:15pm


A new CLINICAL SUPERVISION GROUP will begin in October 2013.

Friday afternoons in the Pill Hill are of Oakland 94609.

Clinical consultations are also available.

Contact Renee for more information.


The Meaning of Dreams: Elemental Archetypes in Dreamwork with Renee Beck

Do you dream of overwhelming ocean waves or of calm streams? Raging fires or gentle hearth heat? Caves, mountains, and mighty winds? These experiences all symbolize different aspects of the self in process. Calling on Jungian and Western esoteric symbolism, we’ll begin to explore how we use the archetypes of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire in our dreams to help convey messages to our waking selves.

Come to this FREE presentation on Monday, April 15, 6:15-7:30pm at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco.


A new CLINICAL SUPERVISION GROUP will begin in July 2013.

Friday afternoons in the Pill Hill are of Oakland 94609.

Clinical consultations are also available.

Contact Renee for more information.



THE ART OF RITUAL: Creating & Performing Ceremonies for Growth & Change is now also available on Kindle!




Read the text of TEENAGERS as SPIRITUAL PROMPTS by guest speaker Renee Beck

Orinda Community Church-Holden High School annual Sunday service & round-table.

11 November 2012


Holden High School, which started as part of the Free School Movement in 1969 as Contra Costa Alternative School, has no religious affiliatiation, but has been graciously housed by the Orinda Community Church since 1970 as part of the OCC’s commitment to serving youth and comunity. Renee Beck, LMFT, is Holden’s Clinical Co-Director.

PARENTING TEENAGERS as a Path to Self-Growth: A 4-Week Workshop

Saturday mornings, 9:30-11         October  6-27         4-6 participants             $250/person ($350 for both co-parents)

As the parent of a teenager, do you sometimes feel confused, misunderstood, or intensely emotional? Do you find yourself questioning who you are, what it all means, and why this is happening to you? Do you feel somewhat like a teenager yourself, again? When you do, this is an extraordinary opportunity for self-growth and personal evolution – and for becoming an even better parent. Workshop goals: to expand your self-awareness; to create more choice in your life; to increase your understanding of and improve your communication with your teen. 4 weekly sessions: Teen Development & Realistic Expectations; Talking with Your Teen; Power, Independence, & Identity; Parental Self-Care and Personal Growth. Please contact Renee if you are interested.

DREAMWORK for TEENAGERS:  A 6-week group            

Fridays  4:30-6, October 12-November 7                                                                     4-7 participants                                         $300 for the 6-week group

What do my dreams mean? How can I deal with nightmares? Does that dream really mean I’m attracted to that person?!? If I have a realization or a spiritual experience in a dream, is it real? Why are some of my dreams so intense?

In this group, you’ll learn how to remember your dreams, keep a dream journal, dialogue with dream images, and do dream art, as well as start to answer some of those questions above. You’ll learn some of the basic symbolism common to dreams (based on Jungian dream analysis) as a way to have a context for working with your dreams. You’ll share your dreams, and your dream wisdom, with the group. Please see What Do My Dreams Mean? for details; contact Renee with questions, or to register.


A One-Day Training

Please contact Renee to arrange a training.



Sep 17 2012   California Institute of Integral Studies   

Monday, September 17, 2012
6:15-7:30 pm CIIS Main Building, Room 210
1453 Mission Street, SF