Therapeutic Tarot

Images access your Learning from the Moonunconscious mind, just as words access your conscious, thinking mind.  In Transpersonal Therapy, we can use the archetypal symbols on the Tarot cards to create a conversation with your unconscious, to gain access to the wisdom & guidance of your deeper Self.

When you are drawn to an image on a card, we can explore the thoughts, feelings, sensations, & energy that arise for you.

What are the benefits? Therapeutic Tarot can help you gain a different perspective on an issue that is troubling you, to help you process the issue in a new way. Therapeutic Tarot is not fortune-telling; it is similar to Dreamwork or Art Therapy, using your relationship to the symbols to access your unconscious process & promote your healing & growth.

ReneeBeckphoto shoot reading2-15-web. Photo Molly DeCoudreuxRenee Beck , MFT, has worked with dreams, ritual, energy & symbolic systems for over 40 years, & has been teaching Tarot for over 30 years.

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