Personalized Rituals

Is there an wedding, funeral or other turning point that you would like to honor with a ceremony? Do you want an alternative to the traditional ones offered? 

Renee creates personalized rituals that provide you with meaningful, alternative ceremonies. 

Earth bowl photo PicdromeWe mark important life transitions with ceremonies that take us beyond ourselves, to a deeper, more connected awareness that we share these transitions with all humans.

We create a sacred space, using symbolic words, sounds, objects & actions that touch the archetypal world of our collective unconscious, & we gain access to our shared experience on the planet, to our deeper selves, & to Spirit.


  • Hare and artichoke  basin. Valerie McGlinchey wikiBeginning: Naming Ceremony. House, Garden or Business Blessing. Entering Adulthood. Starting a New Career. Art Opening.
  • Merging: Wedding. New Housemates. Blending Families. Cooperative Endeavors.
  • Cyclical: Anniversary. Birthday. Seasonal Celebrations.
  • Ending: Funeral or Memorial Service. Divorce. Retirement. Graduation.

You do not need to follow a spiritual or religious tradition to have a meaningful & moving wedding, funeral or other rite of passage. Together, we can create a ceremony that uses symbols with personal significance for you.

Time Guardian public domainRenee Beck, co-author of The Art of Ritual, has been creating & performing  alternative ceremonies since 1985. A non-denominational, Universal Life minister, she is a legally empowered officiant of weddings, funerals & other services. 

Contact Renee for a free, 15-minute phone consultation about Bay Area Personalized Rituals. 510-387-0341


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