Teen Groups

Teen Dream Group

Dreamwork & Girls’ Groups!

4-6 participants in each group

Join the 1st week of the month

$150/month (4 weeks)

Also: Tarot Class!


The MEANING of DREAMS         Renee Beck, LMFT

Tuesdays 4:30-5:30             

Our dreams provide access to our inner wisdom and can help give perspective and create more choice in our lives. Teens in this group will learn essential dreamworking techniques: remembering dreams; keeping a dream journal; dream-sharing; dialoguing with dream images; and doing dream art. Teens will also become acquainted with some of the basic symbolism common to dreams as a way to have a context for finding the personal meaning of their dream symbols.

GIRLS’ GROUP      Valeria Harris, MA 

Mondays 4:30-5:30     

What defines a healthy relationship? In this group, we’ll explore relationships in all their various iterations: relationship to friends and family, to one’s community, and most importantly, to one’s self. Each day will have a slightly different focus, with the consistent theme of building nourishing, conscious, authentic relationships. We’ll work somatically to develop body awareness, and creatively to explore our unconscious, with plenty of space to develop trust and support within the group.

Also: Introduction to TAROT, a Class for Teens & Adults.  Renee Beck

5 Saturdays 1-3pm starting September 20th

A solid introduction for using the cards to help you tap into your Inner Wisdom & get new perspectives on different areas of your life, this class is NOT about fortune telling. Learn how to use an archetypal system as a wonderful Self-Exploration tool!     Cost: $275 for the 5-Saturday series


Call Renee for more information & to sign up for

Dreamwork and Tarot! 510-387-0341

Call Valeria to sign up for the Girls’ Group! 510-470-4011