Your dreams convey messages from your Deeper Self. They present issues ready to be worked therapeutically, as well as the guidance, strength, and humor to help you do the work.

Your dreams access your personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious that we all share. Humans have long looked to dreams as oracles, as muses, as mysteries. Working your dreams, you enter a tradition that is millennia-old.

Your dreams access your Shadow, your own Spirit and the Spirit of nature, of nurture, of life and healing.  In dreams, you move beyond personality and ordinary life. In dreamwork, you enter sacred space and time. Integrating your dream wisdom into waking life can help return to you a sense of meaning & purpose often forgotten.

The dreamwork that you do in therapy is intensely personal and private, and can help you discover your own unique purpose within the human community. When this therapeutic insight is integrated with action in the outer world, your growth and healing can be truly realized and effective.

DREAMWORK CONSULTATIONS and DREAMWORK TRAINING are also available for folks not working with me in psychotherapy. Contact Renee for more information. 510-387-0341