The Hero’s Journey

The Hero awakens to find himself Underworld

Vartop Cave_Sala_Domului       sometimes by choice

            sometimes by fear impelled

                 sometimes with no idea

                          whence nor why

  Yet here he is                      

               Underworld                         Alone

          in distressed & charnel tunnels

                 lit only by gutter of candlelight

          armed only with small blade, rough-hewn
                    no armor

The Hero Struggles      

           through night wrapped in glamours

                   bow-tied in illusion

He loses purchase.

            He loses heart

                     He loses hope

He faces demons & devils & spectersDragon. Wikimedia. Linda_BlackWin24_Jansson

            He fights invisible monsters

                       & nightmare grotesques.

            He must overcome his fear

He must acknowledge

           He must accept the Ally

                     when such gift appears

 In fairy tales

             He then rescues the abducted princess

                      reclaims the stolen, magical jewels

In this reality — so much more daunting 

He finds

           & transforms

                    an aspect of Self.

The Hero, exhausted

                      returns to Upperworld

Adjusts new eyes, in shadow,

           to the brightness about him

Rejoins Community:XXI The World. Charles VI Tarot. wikimedia

           welcomed, embraced

The Hero’s Journey

          his bravery, his learning

                    his transformation

                               respected    rejoiced in

                          Resplendent in the Sun

And today, as Community

          we join together with the Heartfelt Light of
                       Love & Joy & Spirit

               to recognize

                       to honor

                               to celebrate

The incredible Journeys

           of these Heroes

                   our Holden Graduates.

Renee Beck: Invocation for Holden High School Graduation, at the Orinda Community Church, 7 June 2014