Most of us have had the experience of picking up the phone knowing that a particular person was calling, even though we had no way of knowing (including deduction) who it could be. We all pick up a certain amount of non-verbal cues from others people & from the environment, but sometimes we may have information that does not seem to have any basis in the physical world.

Most of us are at least a little “psychic” as children, I believe; many of us become less so as we train the logical mind. Some of us become more intuitive as we grow; some of us become more intuitive from doing spiritual practice; some of us access intuition as part of a mental health crisis or through a spiritual awakening.

Working with your intuition involves learning to improve control over both your ability & your reactions to the experiences. Working with your intuition is a discipline that includes learning specific boundary-setting & mindfulness.

 I am experienced with helping people learn to:

  • become grounded
  • differentiate environmental & non-verbal cues from intuitive perception
  • choose when & how to use your intuition
  • recognize the difference between & the overlap of intuition & imagination
  • deal with intense emotional responses
  • see how emotion can affect intuitive perception & understanding

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