Therapy for Alternative Healers

As an Alternative Healer, you face a unique set of challenges. Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Challenges Faced by Alternative HealersCreating a sustainable, ethical business within a corporate culture
  • Processing personal issues that crop up in your work with clients or in your spiritual/creative practice
  • Distinguishing (& utilizing!) your personal stuff, your clients’ stuff, & what’s occurring in the healing container
  • Monitoring, stabilizing & elevating the energetic process of the individuals & groups that you heal, lead or teach
  • Following & trusting in Spirit, & in the spiritual process  


If you resonate with any of those challenges, you are not alone!  You may find yourself processing those very issues  if you work in any of these arenas:

  • Alternative Healing PathsEnergy Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Body Work/Massage
  • Somatics
  • Shamanism 
  • Plant Medicine
  • Magical or Metaphysical Paths
  • Pagan or Goddess Work
  • Other Ritual or Ceremonial Practices
  • Intuitive Reading or Healing
  • Transpersonal Therapies
  • Symbolic & Imaginal Work


The unconscious process is precious, powerful, & sometimes terrible. You don’t have to go through this alone. Besides getting trainings & consultations from others in your field, you may benefit from work that helps you move through those thorny psychological issues that your practice brings up–issues ready for healing that you might have avoided on another path. In your own work with individuals, or teaching or leading groups, have you found yourself engaging with any of these?

  • Smoke Offeringboundary issues
  • concerns about the responsibility of being a healer
  • power dynamics
  • recognizing your own authority
  • distinguishing the difference between money & self-worth
  • projections from clients
  • enmeshment with client’s process
  • taking on you client’s energy
  • feathering out your intuition from your interpretation


Many of the Alternative Healers, Intuitives, Spiritual Practicioners & Artists that I’ve worked with found their way to their careers through grappling with their own need to heal. Your spiritual work, personal development & your service to others has helped you immensely.

You may find things coming up, however, that could benefit from some deep psychological work:

  • Emotional Issues in Alternative Heal;ingEarly emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • Dysfunctional families with narcissistic, substance-abusing or emotionally unavailable care-givers
  • Emotional abandonment or betrayal
  • Spiritual or religious wounding
  • Other Trauma

Transpersonal Therapy & Dreamwork with Renee Beck, LMFT can be an adjunct to the personal & spiritual work that you already do, can help you heal your own wounds on deeper levels, integrate your healing into your daily life, & use that healing to improve the important work that you do with others.

“Renee helped me work with subtle energy dynamics between myself and clients that was so useful and helpful in keeping healthy boundaries as an empathic healer and avoiding burn out.”

Consultations are also available. My Office is in Oakland, CA.

Call me for a free 15-minute phone interview to see if we’d be a good match.  


Transpersonal Therapy for Alternative Healers

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