If you treated me as we treat teens, I’d be O.D.D., too!

Anger Taking Form NAOO photoA colleague on a forum recently asked about the best techniques for working with a teenager diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. This was my reply:

“Virtually all of the teens I’ve met who have been diagnosed with O.D.D. are only oppositional in certain situations. When they are treated with the same respect afforded adults, treated fairly, have reasonable boundaries set & upheld without judgment, are involved in co-creating future consequences, & do not feel as though they are in double binds, they are not oppositional. You do have to take time to work to develop trust so they can actually believe that you are an adult who will treat them with respect, of course…. I’ve also found that praising the talents they’ve developed (including pushing adults’ buttons) & processing how those skills have served (& hindered) them is pretty helpful. I’ve been working with teenagers in this way for 35 years, & it seems to work well.”
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