“The Powerlessness of Positive Thinking”

   There has been a lot of promo for positive thinking, & how to be happy all the time. Whoever said life was going to be happy? Where did that come from?

   Life has happy moments, sure, even bliss; life has periods of contentment, & areas of ease. But we wouldn’t even be able to recognize them without the contrast of sturggle, pain & suffering. Our lives are a dance to create balance. If you were actually happy all the time, my guess is you’d be pretty bored. Without depth, there is no elation. Without pain, there is no appreciation of feeling good. Consciousness loves contrast, as Richard Moss said. We need both. Without both we are not whole. Life needs both sunlight & darkness to exist. Embrace the pain. Embrace the joy. Expect both, for they are both regular parts of life. Just don’t wallow in either one. Dance with them. Find the Tempo & Rhythm. Dance with your life!

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   And if you’d like to get any idea of the social ramifications of staying positive all the time, check out this cool video