The Fool

In the Tarot, The Fool card is represented by the number 0. While 0 numerically means “nothing”, looked at mystically, the zero, an image of a circle, represents the all & the nothing, the center & the surround, connection & continuation. The Fool card represents a state of being in touch with the larger oneness, with a sense of the numinous.

The Fool reminds us to maintain a childlike wonder & joy at the simple marvels of existence. The word “fool” means empty-headed, insane, & is derived through French from the Latin word “follis” for blacksmith’s bellows: a leather bag filled with air. When we are in touch with the sacred, we do go a little out of our minds, because what we are experiencing goes beyond normal, day-to-day thinking.

And as wonderful as our minds are, they are only part of our experience. The Fool suggests that we embrace the entirety of who we are, to open to the mysteries of life, to the beauty & knowledge present in any moment, if we can just go a little out of our heads.

Happy April Fool’s Day: May we all be able to be a little Foolish, sometimes!