Spring into Balance! Changes Await:

Spring! New Growth!

Spring! New Growth!

Life is starting to burst from the earth; what new growth arises within you? We have survived the winter darkness, huddled into ourselves, integrating lessons from the past year, building new aspects of Self, gestating new ideas & new ways of being. Spring calls us forth, juices flowing, if we have the strength to break through the surface into the light. The Vernal Equinox — the midpoint between the darkest & the lightest days of the year — is a great time to take advantage of this birthing of new life, both external & internal, to create new balance within yourself.

And you don’t have to do it alone! Get help tilling the soil, from another human or from birdsong. Find an exercise buddy. Join a band. Enter into self-exploration with a therapist. Access the new growth that awaits within!

For a free phone interview to see how Transpersonal Therapy can help you in this process, call Renee Beck, MFT at 510-387-0341.


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